"A Life's Journey"


Retrospective of

David Gross


Opens September 1, 2017

Runs through Oct 26th


In David Gross' own words, " my life's work is a journey".  It is with these words that we proudly present " A Life's Journey",  a retrospective of the oeuvre of David Gross.  Early this year the art world lost a beloved member, as David succumbed to Cancer and passed away, leaving us, but leaving behind  a body of his straightforward subjects-landscapes, still life studies, floral landscapes---in a visually simplified manner, which strive for clarity and exquisite color.  Strongly influenced by the Fauve movement of the turn of the century, Gross journeys into the world of abstract expressionism creating in his works a balance between the organic reality of the "place" and "non-representation" by juxtaposition of geometric shapes, layers of texture and bold color.