Karo Tribe (graphite pencil)
Karo Tribe (graphite pencil)



What:  First Friday Opening Art Exhibition
When:  November 5, 2021 First Friday opening reception 6-9pm,
             Show Runs through December 23, 2021, 
Where:  Hilliard Gallery
              1820 McGee St.
              Kansas City, MO. 64108
Contact:  Bob Swearengin
Gallery Hours :  Tues & Sat 12-4, Wed-Thurs 12-6 Fri 12-5 or by appointment

    Drawing is frequently considered the basis of all visual arts. Vasari states, “Drawing… represent the necessary beginning of everything [in art], and not having it, one has nothing.” Old Masters drawings by Michelangelo, Raphael and da Vinci were considered “studies” for a final painted work. Today all that has changed, drawings currently exist within the art world as more than a means to the end, but for many artists has become the ends itself. The popularity of Contemporary drawings is increasing and no longer are they treated as less valuable artworks than paintings. Currently, there seems to be a renaissance for them among artists and art enthusiasts both.
     What does contemporary drawing look like today? This show will address what it implies to be a contemporary artist as well as provide an overview of contemporary drawing. The State of Contemporary Drawing exhibit will examine the genre of contemporary drawing by artists selected from a juried pool of national submissions.  
     Traditionally drawing was considered the technique of producing images on a surface, usually paper, by means of marks, usually ink, graphite, chalk, charcoal, or crayon. But over the last couple of decades, artists have constantly pushed the boundaries of what drawing can mean and be, redefining drawing. Drawings currently don't merely consist of the previous mentioned methods, but have seen processes like burning, cutting scratching, sticking, writing, and sewing. Materials such as wax, and metals have even been used. These works blur the boundaries between drawing and other mediums of art. Contemporary artists are using drawings to address questions of identity, place, time and memory, protest, power, and systems.


   Carla Aspenberg    Ileana Barbu
                Mary Becker    Joseph Bellofatto
              Julia Bowden    Jonathan Bridges
   Emily Broussard    Sally Brown
           Amy Bumpus    James Burrell
          Keith Buswell     Susan DAmato
             Sara Drescher    Rosalyn Driscoll
          Lou Eberhard     Bruce Erikson
   Emily Fedorchak      Joshua Field
           Agop Gemdjian      Ronald Gonzalez
            Jason Guynes     Dean Habegger
                Ahmad Hassan     Curtis Hendrickson
        Nona Hershey     Richard Hoff
        Deepa Mahajan     Elena Masrour
  Denton Peter McCabe     Michelle McHale
            Lauren Myers     Susa Nawrocki
            Jim Pearson      Kevin Perkins
                   Beth Peck     Whitney Powell
              Brett Poza     Chris Revelle
       Ana Sophie Ruju    Michael Ryan
                   Hasna Sal    Emily Shepard
       Clark Stoeckley     Kim Taggart
             John Thrasher     Clark Valentine
           John Vinklarek     Russell Horton
      Blake Hughes      Peter Illig
                        Hattie Lee     Natalie Levy-Costa