Red/Blue by Jim Burwinkel
Red/Blue by Jim Burwinkel

Contemporary Abstract


What: Contemporary Abstract show
When:  October 7, 2022, opening reception 6-10pm
             Show opens October 7 runs through November 26, 2022, 
Where:  Hilliard Gallery
              1820 McGee St.
              Kansas City, MO. 64108
Contact:  Bob Swearengin
Gallery Hours :  Tues & Sat 12-4, Wed-Thurs 11-6 Fri 12-5 or by appointment

The Hilliard Gallery's recent examinations of contemporary art and the contemporary artists has shown that it is characterized by the pluralism of different art movements and styles, that there is no distinctive representative style of the contemporary artist. Still, it is realistically safe to say that contemporary abstract art will have a significant place in future art history books, where experts will analyze art movements of our time.


There are those who will tell you that abstract art and contemporary art are the same thing. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, their meanings do differ. As our recent shows have shown, contemporary art is a classification of art. The classification of abstract art is not particular to any one period and that is the essential difference. Rather than describing a specific art movement, the phrase ‘abstract art’ is a very broad umbrella term encompassing a huge range of styles and approaches. Because abstraction first appeared in the early 20th century, the term is usually applied to modern and contemporary art made during and after this time, including the art of today. Modern art refers to the beginning of Impressionist period that happened around 1870 and were not always abstract. Thus the use of modern art to describe abstract art is a fallacy. Ultimately, the evolution of abstract art—like the evolution of modern art more broadly—has been a series of responses to the experience of life in the 20th and 21st centuries

The contemporary art genre finds a vast amount of quality abstract art being made today, and the best of it is every bit as good as the best abstract art of the past. The formal qualities of an abstract painting or sculpture are significant not in the aesthetics sense but as part of the work’s message or overall meaning. Artists work by reviving and transforming archetypes from the unconscious of modern culture. Therefore, the most useful questions to ask about contemporary abstract painting or sculpture are: What themes and forms does it retrieve from the tradition of modern art? How have they been changed? And how has the artist used them to express the social, political, and spiritual experience of our own time?

We have gathered one of the largest groupings of contemporary abstract artwork for this unique gallery showing. If your interested in the abstract for your home or collection this show is a must see and experience.



Elizabeth Abaravich                  Lela Amparo
     Karrie Baxley                      Joha Bisone
        Deborra Bohrer                 Wendy Bredehoft
     Michael Bruner                    Jim Burwinkel
       Kevin Callahan                    Robert Castillo
       Yeong Choi                         Jack Collins

        Alyce Croft                         Lisa Daniels
       Medina Zabo                       Theresa Ely
   Susan Ferguson                      Tracy Finn
           Chuck Fischer                     Nathaniel Foley
            Darryl Halbrooks                  Joshua Heimsoth

               John James                      Sam Kampelman

   Chelsea Klamm                          Via Li
            Andy Maugh                       Robert Mejer

                Robert Najlis                     William O'Connor
          Kevin Perkins                        Jessie Pohl
           Sudie Rakusin                      Jim Ramirez
         Michelle Firment Reid              Michael Sharber
                David Solomita                  April South-Olson

                    Cory Swenson                   Nikolaos Trikalinos
              Nancy Van Ness                   Joelle Webber
               Lisse Williams                      Redin Winter