SHOW |What is Beautiful; The Aesthetic of Pleasing the Mind

Into Dreamtime by Michael Potts
Into Dreamtime by Michael Potts



What is Beautiful;
The Aesthetics of Pleasing the Mind

     Beautiful, defined as pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.  So what is beautiful then?  For some beautiful might be seen as derogatory when used professionally to mean trite and shallow.  For most however, beautiful as an artistic perspective is more complex and faceted for which a single answer does not exist.  Beauty is physically everywhere and everything, however something being beautiful is not always about the physical features, rather it can be more towards a state of existence.   It is a exploration into the aesthetics of pleasing the mind.  However, a common thread does appear when viewing the work from the submissions for this show. It does not simplify the answer but it clearly shows that different cultures seem to have some similarities when it comes to seeing and describing what is beautiful.  This exhibition will examine the question of what is beautiful by displaying artworks selected from Nationally submitted works by contemporary artists in a juried exhibition that attempts to portray just what is beautiful. 

Participating Artists


Sarah McCourt
Heather McCullin
Clarie Elise
Linda Barlow
David Blow
Margery Albertini
Yijun Ge
John Keeling
Heman Miranda
Susan Kaufer-Carey
Adele DiMedio
Cara Smelter
Lisa Walker
Elena Lipkowski
Jill Eggers
Michael Jorgensen
Grace Ann Cummings
Michael Potts
Malcolm Glass
Shelly Pinto
Barbara Simcoe
Bernadette Larimer
Terry Frishman
Billy Tackett
Chalda Maloff
Helen Dolan
Clay Fifer
Brian Reeves
Juleah Edwards
Eric Bosch
Walt Padgett


What:  What is Beautiful; The Aesthetics of Pleasing the Mind

When:  June 4, 2021 First Friday opening reception 6-9pm,
             Show Runs through July 24, 2021, Live streaming feed
             of the show that evening
Where:  Hilliard Gallery
              1820 McGee St.
              Kansas City, MO. 64108
Contact:  Bob Swearengin
Gallery Hours :  Tues & Sat 12-4, Wed-Thurs 1-6 Fri 12-5 or by appointment