Kansas City Collaborative Show




Artist Collaboration Fuels Creative Exploration. Some the most groundbreaking artistic works have resulted when artists with knowledge and experience from distant genres and unrelated forms collide and spark new ideas. What we want to do is show or highlight the visionary magic that results from the formation of creative duos.
Earlier this year, we hand chose and paired up 18 Kansas City artists to work in teams of two.  Each team was to create 2 unique pieces of work together.  Each beginning a piece and creating in their own style, then trading pieces and adding to the other.  We think this show not only showcases the amazing talent of our artists but gives insight into what can be forged when two creative minds come together to work in concert.
Collaboration in music and theater are becoming common place but the fine arts are more solitary. Many artists will shy away from collaboration, accustomed as they are to working alone. Nevertheless, the give and take of collaboration can be energizing to all parties and be well worth stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. While their individual contributions are discernible, it’s the juxtaposition that creates the transformative effect. But more importantly, these pieces are a record of an artistic conversation, each layer signifying the contributor’s counterpoint to the previous statement. In the end, the conversation becomes the piece and the piece the conversation. 

 The Following artist will be participating and have been paired up to come up with the body of work for this show.  Ken Dela and Laura Nugent, Jennifer Walker and Lynette Ubel, Zach Laman and Jim Norris, Teresa Magel and Vanessa Chase, Jennifer Bricker-Pugh and Tarin Eicher, Jeremy Boatwright and TJ Templeton, Teresa Magel and Kevin Perkins,  Jody Flaherty and Rick Wright, Kevin Perkins and Marc Shank, Simmons and Tate Owens.

Join us at 7pm First Friday opening reception night for artist talk/Q&A.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLIARD GALLERY:  The gallery will also be celebrating it's 45th year in Kansas City!  Join us in celebrating at October's First Friday.