Jeff Wack

"The timeless beauty of the female form inspires my work._ Throughout the ages it has been a source of wonderment and intrigue for_ countless artists of all media." Jeff Wack, internationally acclaimed artist and photographer, has brought his talent and craft into full force in a stunning collection of beautiful women titled the "Sensuous Muse Collection," which can be viewed at in its entirety. Over the last 30 years, Jeff built a successful commercial illustration business and became one of the premier illustrators of his generation. His commercial work has graced the pages of national and international magazines, movie posters, DVD and CD covers as well as many other entertainment projects. Jeff's commercial work is world-class and he's won numerous awards for it. But acclaim and awards aside, Jeff has been seeking a greater challenge and reward for his artistic expression. "Making time in and around my other commissioned commercial work, I began this series of figurative works four years ago as a labor of love," says Jeff. "But I also feel that it's the highest realization of both my narrative skills and technical abilities as an artist." Jeff has been attracted to women's beauty since early childhood, always seeing bodies as living artwork. His primary goal is to depict the female form in a stylized, appealing and timelessly ethereal way, capturing the natural beauty and energy of each woman he "sets to art." The result is something beyond either the photographic elements or the digital painting he uses to create them. "For me the sensuous form of the female figure has, and continues to be, a classic subject matter that has inspired legions of artists of all disciplines throughout the ages. In that sense, I am no different than those who have gone before me," Jeff explains. "I've been fortunate to meet some wonderful and beautiful models who have posed for my work. I owe all of them a debt of gratitude for their beauty." Combining his masterful command of photography with digital painting, each piece of original art presents a timeless moment captured with a sense of magical light and color "” an ethereal mix of reality and idealized feminine mystique. Jeff photographs models in a small studio against plain backdrops. He then creates the background elements in the artwork from his own collection of original photos, many of natural scenery. "I hope the viewer senses the presence of each model reflected in my artwork," Jeff continues. "I'm excited about creating additional works and collaborating with many more kindred spirits," which he continues to do in his Los Angeles based studio. Jeff is also available for personally commissioned original works. Each piece of artwork is available for sale at and is faithfully reproduced as Poster sized (20" X 28" and 16" X 28") Fine-Art Giclee prints on archival matte artist's paper which captures all the depth, richness and vivid color of the original painting. Giclee inks are the highest archival quality and have a rich, luscious depth and vibrant intensity. Jeff Wack is the Winner of the 2009 XTO Award and a featured artist at the Farmani Gallery, New York City, in addition he is the 2010 Master Winner of the Erotic Signature International Exhibition. His work is in private collections across the US and Europe. Several of his works hang in the permanent collections of the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami, Florida; British Museum of Erotic Art; and the AMEA/World Museum of Erotic Art.