Without question, the earth is an astonishing creation. From its desolate deserts to lush tropical rain forests; from the vast oceans to big, cloud suffused skies... this land amply provides endless inspirations for visual artists. Everywhere we cast our gaze on to the various spaces and crevices of this Earth, they are confronted by a myriad of colors existing within the palette of Nature. Artists continue finding endless inspiration in the complex beauty of nature and the grandeur of the earth's varied landscapes as they have throughout the history of art. Thoroughly entrenched in a long and storied history, contemporary landscape artists are additionally having to contend with the future—"a foreseeable future saddled with global warming and environmental catastrophe, as well as our increasingly virtual spaces. It is possible the genre is more vital now than it ever has been."
  Landscape paintings also aren't necessarily limited to depictions of land.  The created artwork included in this organized exhibition by heart is all "scape" related, that is, that it visually centers around some kind of scenery. For example, they can additionally include images of seascapes, cloudscapes, skyscapes, riverscapes, or cityscapes (otherwise known as "urban landscapes"). The core unifying element of any of these "scape" created artworks is that they all center around some unique kind of scenery.


Included Artist
Russ Horton 
Salvatore Barracca
Lindsay Obermeyer 
Crystal Vicars 
Michelle Peterlin
Ryan Delgado
Kate Snow
Lindsay Mullen
Chris LaValley
William Lord
John Hulsey
Robert Sunderman
Gary Pycior
Charles Knudstrup
Beth Sauer
Dan Frueh
Jennifer Walker
Raj Manickam
JC Spock
Caroline Elliott
James Gowlaszewski
Meg Aubrey
David Gross
Kery Allen
EunKyung Jeong
Neeka Allsup-Edwards
Jackie Keirnan-Hale
Wai Lee