Ruisdael by Sharon Knettell
Ruisdael by Sharon Knettell



14th Annual Contemporary Figurative Show
In recent years there has been an increase in the creation and acceptance of figurative art and that includes, promisingly, the acceptance of such work in the high-end market. But why do artist and collectors like art of the Human Form?  Simply put it is because art is a means of communicating human experiences, therefore human bodies are naturally depicted. The figurative form can be used as the ideal medium to convey a spectrum of ideas with which the viewer can resonate. The human figure has always been a common subject of visual art, "it forces the viewer to engage the artwork and enables the artist to express an entire range of ideas from the subtle to the intense." In the history of art the human figure bears, in different ways and through different periods in time, a huge significance, being the most direct means by which art can address the human condition.  We take pride in the fact that we are champions of figurative art and as this 14th annual exhibition shows we are not alone in this belief.

The Contemporary Figurative show seeks to showcase the best artwork, selected Nationally and Internationally.


"Finding artistic and beauty in the human form is only natural "


Participating Artists 

Christina Polosky
William Yu
Vikki Drummond
Tony Armendariz
Diana Unrein
Uduakobong Edet
Lauren Scheele
Ann Piper 
Chalda Maloff
Sharon Knettell
JoMerra Watson
Rebecca Tombaugh
Gloria Gale
Bill Salzillio
Gary Warren Niebuhr
Robinson Stuart
Deborah LaCroix
Jim Norris
Tucker Eason
Rebecca Spilecki
Natasha Dikareva
Ben Hamburger
Gigi Salij
Scott Weingarten
Joan Benefiel
Todd Fox
Mark Kaufman
Brian Bundren
Dawn Perrin
Kevin Perkins
Tarin Eicher
Hannah Miller
Diane Stolz
Rosemary Meza DesPlas
Nicole Woodard
Sarah Rieser
Mel Sokolow
Autumn Nicole Smith
Dave Marcet
Suzanne Storer
Richard Stevens
Kevin Schroeder
Julian Jones
Chloe Oyler
Jonathan Ege
Terri Jordan
Malcolm Glass
Robert Creighton
Edward Rossel
Carson Grubaugh
Jason Rafferty
Aodunne Uriankhai
Amy Arajuo
Eric Bosch
Hamama Bushra