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"SLAG" by Guinotte Wise
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Well, not literally.
But often parts separated in the manufacture of something else.
He just likes the word. New stuff from Guinotte Wise.

Opening First Friday at The Hilliard Gallery.
May 6, 6 to 9pm. Refreshments.


Sculpture, in childhood, was easy. You found stuff and lashed it together, tied it, glued it, bolted it. The creations were made of old radio chassis, light bulbs, wooden shaving bowls, discarded auto parts, shoe boxes, cigarette tins. A certain design intuition crept in making the pieces harder to fit together but resulting in better assemblages. Better to me, and that's what counted. Others looked at them like they were emitting bell music, or like they were supposed to work. Which they did, to me.


I didn't know it but I was a kiddie abstract expressionist of The New York School. Like Al Gore invented the internet? I'm sure I invented Abstract Expressionism (The Kansas City School) Junior Division.


A few years later, art school. Nirvana. It was the best of times...and it was the best of times. Jack Kerouac, Evergreen Review, Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Howl, what a time. Late nights listening to Joe Williams, Joan Baez, modern jazz, passionate arguments about classic art as an underpinning, our own revival of Dadaism. Home made beer in (some of) our paint cans in class.

And it's back. For me anyway. I am reveling in bright primary colors and chrome accented with rust and old signs. It has that feel to it, the free expressive content I so admired. Full circle. And such an unfettered joy to make.


Thanks for Lo­oking. G





PS: Wrote some books. One of them, a novel, "Ruined Days" will be available for ten bucks each. Amazon's price for the paperback is $12.99 plus shipping, so it's a little better deal. I'll sign it if you want. And another one is coming out in June, 2016. "Resume Speed," a collection of short stories. Look for it. I think it'll make dandy beach reading.