By Teresa Magel & Derek Webster




 “We have both always been fascinated with Alice in Wonderland and wanted to create our interpretation of Carroll’s work in our individually unique styles.  Though our styles of painting vary, they become complimentary when creating the artwork.” 
Their desire for creating works uniquely inspired by the wonderland theme stems from the fact that they both create fantastical artwork.  Magel painted the Alice figures in this body of work, as her art focuses on the female form. Her paintings includes multiple elements which she uses to create paintings that represent a quiet calm of femininity.  Accompanying the visual aspects of her work are infusions of emotion, of feelings, and passionate sentiment.  "What could be more fantastical than the wonderland theme?  I was excited to create Alices based on the book's story lines but with more of a grown feminine aspect." Magel has been a working Kansas City based artist for 20 years.
Webster's focus for the show was on creating the scenes that really bring wonderland to life.  He added the characters that Alice encounters on her journey and fine-tuned them with his detailed style.  After receiving his BFA in sculpture in 2008 from the Kansas City Art Institute, Webster has maintained Evil Apple Studios in the crossroads district from where he works.

*All titles for the paintings are quotes from Carroll's original writings.