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Added Machines                          Guinotte Wise                             Steel and found object
Added Machines Guinotte Wise Steel and found object


"Spirits & Steel"

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Guinotte Wise

"When you hit a groove it's not you, it's the spirit world." Tommy Chong


 That's the epigraph in my latest book, "Horses See Ghosts," a collection of poetry published in April, and I may have hit a couple of grooves in it. It felt like that, poems that came out of the blue. If you like poetry you might like that book. End of commercial.


 But, back to Tommy's observation; it seems true to me in sculpture as well as in anything else. Some things just happened here, like the Brutalist Series. Those felt intense to me. They came on strong. Even visceral. The design had better work because color ain't gonna save it. And the Baron Samedi shrine piece. That fairly flew together in a few days like I was in a fugue. It just kept happening. Revolvers, jewelry, old photos, medical tools, scissors, signs and omens. Man, that was an experience, let me tell you. I think I hit a groove there maybe. And the spirit world could have played a part.  


 The Added Machines piece is kind of outrageous and it just floored me. Is that really art? Shoot, I don't know. It touched me in a jagged, rough-hewn way. The horse and wagon is alive to me, maybe to others.  Milagro de la Basura took four years to make. But the parts for it came together in minutes, when I figured it out.


 When Mary Corse, light and space artist, was interviewed by the Brooklyn Rail she was asked, “How do you know if a given work is successful?” She said, "If it touches me, if I get it and it teaches me something. If I get it, then there’s the possibility that someone else might get it on that same level."


 I like that. Now and then I would "get it." I was touched and taught while doing these pieces. Things happened. I can't explain it. I just hope one or more of these pieces hits a groove for you. Who could ask for more?