Drawing on the Infinitive show
Drawing on the Infinitive show


"Drawing on the Infinitive"


Ron Fondaw



What: Drawing on the Infinitive
           Gallery opening and exhibition
When: Opening
            October 5th 6-9pm

            Show runs through November 26th
Where: Hilliard Gallery
              1820 McGee
               Kansas City,
               Mo., 64108
Gallery Hours:  Tues-Fri 10-5, Sat 12-4
                            or by appointment

Contacts: Bob Swearengin









  Drawing on the Infinitive
New works
Ron Fondaw
Drawing is an attitude, it is spontaneous, holistic, intuitive and quantum.
I am looking for what I don’t know, so experimentation is critical.  The organizing concept for this exhibition is transformation-from the infinite cosmos to infinite within. From galaxies to quantum particles, we are a part of both. Both directions are infinite and brimming with wonder for us to contemplate.
Ron Fondaw, Professor of Art at Washington University in St. Louis' Sam Fox School of Design and visual arts.

Ron began his career painting, and produced his first one-person show when he was eleven years old.  Ron received a BFA in ceramics from the Memphis College of Art and gained his MFA from the Univ. of Illinois in 1980.  He came to St. Louis in 1995 after spending fifteen years in Miami, FL and one year teaching at The university of NC, at Chapel Hill. Drawing and painting remains an important part of Ron’s work from temporary site specific sculpture to one of a kind cast metal drawings and ceramics. His current interest is in expression of the unseen forces that shape our culture and how new discoveries in physics are changing our perceptions of reality.
  Ron has worked in Japan, Denmark, China and Italy as well as numerous sites around the U.S. He has received numerous distinctions including a Guggenheim award for sculpture, a Nation Endowment for the Arts and a Pollack/Kransner award. His works can be seen in several major collections around the world.
In the last two years Ron has worked on the border wall in South Texas engaging the local community and other artist in collaborative works that bring a positive action to a critical situation.