Teresa Magel

"Throughout history, we humans have theorized about it, cried for its loss, fought for its honor and craved its existence. In 2012, love was something that came to me in many diverse facets and degrees and in various ways but regardless of how it showed up, it did show up. I took closer note of is presence in my life, and in that time period love occurred as an ardent journey. However, because those days also showed me that I am malleable and ever changing, I won’t lock myself into a timeless definition. Instead I will simply say that for that year my interpretation of love goes something like this…." thus the thesis for Teresa Magel's new show was formed and on June 7th will be revealed.


Teresa's work includes multiple elements which she uses to create paintings that represent a quiet calm of femininity. Her figures are often identifiable by their large coiffures of hair and by their dreamlike closed eyes, factors which lend them a sense of serenity. The elements of nature that she often includes in her work are flowers, butterflies, bees, dragonflies and especially hummingbirds- employed for their delicate fragility. Accompanying the visual aspects of her work are infusions of emotion, of feelings, and passionate sentiment which is the ultra effeminate essence of a woman.


"Love remains an immortal beloved, the passion to create, the desire to purge the soul. To place your heart in your hand and allow others to pet it like a velvet bird." We hope you can see the love mixed with the paint and the pulse that is palpable in the canvas, as this sojourn was enlightening and creating it created me…. "So with my heart as light as a hummingbird, red lipstick on my smile, a blond flame with blood that races to show beauty I’m honored to share my new work with you." Teresa Magel

 2018 Teresa had her solo show title Untamed


Asked about her new work, Teresa had this to say.  "I want this new work to reflect the wild within a person.  That untamed part of the human spirit that we seek, find and adhere to that makes up our lives.


I have no profound statement, I just want to share thoughts and the never answered questions that came up while creating these ladies."  Enjoy the musings of a woman attempting to live her wild.

You find your wild soul when:


You realize you must do the very things that scare you.


When you realize that love will never be guaranteed, do it anyway, be vulnerable and hold another's heart with extreme care.


You find that sacred scary place you have to be face to face with when you know the desire to live an authentic life is synonymous with being brave.


That you can't be the real you without honesty with your soul.


That you need to let go of what doesn't serve you and know that you will be ok.


And that you should live beautifully- even if you have to find out what that means to you.


Know that your wild is that howl you hear that sings you back to sleep.


Know that the untamed shall inherit the world,


and your wild will claw at you from the inside to remind you that you are the untamed too.