Teresa Magel

     Creating my life the way I want it to be, my paintings lend a sense of serenity, calm,
peace and beauty as I see it. My work is intended to be not only a definition of femininity, but a dialogue of what internal femininity is. The aesthetic beauty is visible because that is how I choose to see my world. In all honesty, true feminine beauty is visible only because it is a reflection of all aspects of what I feel the essence of being female is. It is feeling and being beautiful outwardly because your soul is as well. It is displaying strength and persevering amidst vulnerability. It is being proud of yourself without apology, loving yourself unconditionally so that you may be love to others...... Beauty.                           
    My figures are often identifiable by factors which lend them a sense of serenity and/or ardor, such as their dreamlike closed eyes or their emotion baring stares.  I also use elements of nature that I feel emote passion and show grace including, flowers, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, hummingbirds and layers of color.

    I utilize a process of beginning a painting with intermittent layers of both acrylic paints or oil paints and glaze mediums. My intent is to create one of a kind pieces that embody my ideal of femininity and express the sentiment therein.