Simmons is from Kansas City and has a traditional background in painting and drawing. She graduated from The University of Kansas, where she received a bachelors of fine arts degree. For this show Simmons has set out to capture the subject matter in its surroundings and the portrayal of the atmosphere around it. A love for nature and the beauty of ordinary moments is what she typically seeks to capture in her paintings. Her paintings are very textural in nature.  There are some areas on the canvas that are built up with heavy texture to accentuate the subject matter, while other areas remain flattened and become subtle areas within the atmosphere of the painting.  The space can be calming, secluded, even lonely. The push and pull of the negative space accompanied by the three dimensional sculpture creates an interesting space for the subject matter to live in. Simmons expressionist style with its strong brush strokes and use of colors, allows her to depict a volatile atmosphere that exist around a substantial and enduring subject matter, an atmosphere not generally seen by the casual observer.  The artist enjoys working in many mediums although oil pastels and acrylics are her favorite. These give her the effect of an almost "accidental" blending of colors.