Michael Brake

Our minds are bombarded by thousands of pieces of sensory data at each moment. We tend to process only what we can- or must- by filtering out this deluge of information. We are programmed to focus on the essentials required to fulfill the task or agenda at hand. The vast majority of our daily experiences barely register and simply fall through the cracks. 

“It is from this trove of discarded data that I strive to suss out those hidden visual treasures we often overlook: a pattern of light on a wall, filtered by curtains or shimmering trees on late afternoons; the beautiful and astounding ability of naturally occurring processes such as rust or rock striation to create perfectly crafted compositions, windows into other worlds which are indifferent to our recognition; random visual components arranged by chance in such specific configurations and held together so tenuously that they vanish like unstable elements in an instant with a single distraction or just one more hurried step along our heedless path.”

For the artist, this data becomes a language ripe for translation open to differing interpretations. Thus it is not necessarily imperative to spell out or impose meaning if that act may limit or confine the viewer’s personal experience.

In this series Michael imbues a dream-like, abstract perspective inspired by these found accidental stages. Along with layering patterns and textures from his photography he develops organically-stylized interpretive drawings inspired by these random compositions. Working simultaneously in different mediums helps him to craft a cohesive artistic language, resulting in engaging art work inviting the viewer to freely participate in divining whatever personal connections their subconscious selves can conjure.