Manuel Anoro Biography

The work of Manel Anoro, while reminiscent of French Fauvism, also originates from a genuine Catalan tradition that stems from a passion for personal interpretation of beauty itself. The passion for the brilliance of color that Anoro develops in his work results in an amazing tour de force which draws our eye to the edge of a precipice. The colors, exciting and stimulating, produce sensual and intellectual art. It is through this use of color that Anoro reveals another reality - one of his own imagination.

Born in Barcelona on June 13, 1945, Manel Anoro lives with his family near the Mediterranean Sea north of Barcelona. His limited edition serigraphs and oil paintings on canvas are now being introduced in the United States. Though relatively unknown and new to America, the artist, carrying with him the momentum of his accolades received abroad and his passionate embrace for Mediterranean life, is already winning the most discerning of collectors with his desirable imagery of warm Iberian sun, lush interiors, provocative nudes and tables laden with flowers, fruit and wine.