“Stranger Danger” mixes garish character driven themes, with a touch of tongue in cheek humor. All of the paintings are centered around a vague tag line that is “EFG”. Short for “Everyone’s Favorite Goth”. It seems that the participants are espousing this moniker as the cause/effect of their current state.
-Kevin Perkins is an American Artist living in Kansas City MO. Kevin went to the University of Central Missouri for Commercial Art and Graphic Design.
He splits his time between his Studio at Home in the West Bottoms, and one at Vulpes Bastille in the Crossroads. Each studio operates different disciplines, such as Studio Painting/Design (West Bottoms) and Street Art, Murals, and Graffiti Base (Vulpes Bastille).
-Kevin’s subject matter ranges from the ridiculously sublime scenarios, to Linear Abstraction, then to aggressively bright Character//Text driven Graffiti. Constantly creating something new, and different from the last offering is what makes Him prolific in the way he works.