Kerry Hirth

Kerry Hirth’s work explores the translation of music into visual art. Her dry pastel drawings of music integrate the experience of music with the impulse of color.  Her recent work merges the harmonic patterns of music with the colors of landscapes, including spacescapes and satellite images of Earth.  Kerry's drawings are dense with musical, structural, temporal, and catalytic meaning, and they ultimately condense music into a sense of place. Her experiences with professional music performance and her study of analytic philosophy contribute significantly to her approach to time and place in her artwork.




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Birds of Rhiannon
Birds of Rhiannon 15X38 Pastel and pencil on paper


 The "Birds of Rhiannon" are three black birds from Irish mythology. Their song can wake up the dead and put the living to sleep. When they are singing, they sound like they are very close. However, when you look for them, they appear to be across an ocean and can barely be seen.

Algerian Sands 2   12 x 41 pastel on paper
Algerian Sands 2 12 x 41 pastel on paper

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