Jimmie Arroyo

Silence" 12" X 16" Charcoal on Mylar
"Silence" 12" X 16" Charcoal on Mylar
Death in Repose
Death in Repose

Warm Grey


Jimmy Arroyo


The color grey has been associated with boring, drab, depressing, old age and lifelessness. But add even the slightest amount of a warm color, and some life begins to flow similar to a warm body.
The collection in the show ‘Warm Grey’ is an attempt to demonstrate the gracefulness of grey work. Graphite, charcoal and silverpoint are the primary tools and mediums used, with many pieces accented with pastel, watercolor or colored pencil. The theme is on the darker side, loneliness, depression, pensive and destructive, mixed with a bit of the macabre and beauty, disturbing but also a sense of calmness.

Jimmie Arroyo has always been fascinated with the human figure and portraiture since childhood. Although achieving likeness is part of the process, his goal is to capture the subject's mood and soul. The connection formed between the artwork and the viewer is what he considers most satisfying. He works in several mediums; graphite, charcoal, pastel, and more recently in oil and silverpoint. He finds inspiration from many artists and time periods, it can range from realism to abstract, from Da Vinci, Rubens, to Turner, Klimt, Schiele, Rothko and other contemporary living artists. Whether informal portraiture, figurative, or still life, Jimmie tries to incorporate a dark element or a touch of macabre, but with the hopes that the viewer can find beauty within the work.