Jim Norris

I have always rejected the notion that figurative art is dead or irrelevant. One of the best ways to depict any abstract concept, idea, or emotion is to give it human characteristics or traits. And to be honest, I simply enjoy portraying people in my art. Human beings have enough intricacies and unique differences to provide inspiration for several hundred artists’ lifetimes.


Most of my art is left open to interpretation by the viewer since I rarely provide specific meanings behind what I do. I would much rather create the images and then allow the viewer decide what my work means to them personally. We all have our own personal histories and experiences anyhow, so it’s very easy to see how a good artwork could be deciphered in multiple ways. With that said, there are times where I’m drawn to make a particular image without actually understanding it, only to discover my own personal relevance to the painting several months or years later.


When it really comes down to it, my art is a dialog between me and anyone who happens to look at it. I start the stories, and through their interpretations of my art, the viewers complete the stories.


To paraphrase one of my biggest influences, Rene Magritte: “Life obliges me to do something, so I make art.”