Jennifer Walker discovered and began experimenting with Polyester resin as a medium during her studies at the University of South Dakota.  She continued to explore the sculptural possibilities of resin while attending Kansas City Art Institute, graduating in 1983 with a bachelor of Fine arts degree.  Ten years passed before she was able to devote her time to create a collection of work, and then another twenty year hiatus after that, which brings us to the present.  Jennifer did creative work duirng those in-between years, sculpting commissions, and ornamental plaster restoration, but now finally has a studio dedicated to making her art, creating with resin and wood.  She researches and prepares for each piece, then works intuitively with the process developing the future sculpture in the mold. The casting is then honed into a form that implies infinity while balancing the tension between the interior and exterior.  The base is created specifically for each resin piece is an integral part of the sculpture.  It is the horizon line and where the required illumination can reside, presenting the ephemeral to last indefinitely.