James Goleszewski bio

Life is a conversation with the universe. In order to be engaged in this conversation you must have something to contribute and you must listen.  Because of James Golaszewski's experience as an artist, husband, father, deputy Sheriff, police academy instructor, mental health advocate, drug addiction monitor and cancer survivor, his conversation with the universe is varied and robust.  "I have a variety of experiences to color my perceptions, guide my musings, and teach me life's lessons."

 James' paintings are a visual expression of his ongoing conversation with the universe.  He composes each piece to create a slightly surreal image of an imaginary place. Each painting is accompanied by a written composition intended to add another dimension to the experience and cement the connection between the artist and the viewer.

 "I have been drawing and painting all of my life.  I have always painted in a slightly surreal style.  Previously, I painted in a conventional manner resulting in a predominantly flat painted surface.  Frequently, viewers would refer to my paintings as prints. and this was troubling to me because it is important to me that the uniqueness of each painting, and the human process that went into creating the piece, be apparent."

  With the advent of digital cameras, photo editing software, and inexpensive printing methods, James became concerned that the process of creating images was becoming too impersonal and automated.   "I began to search for a painting style that would result in a convincing realistic image, while at the same time highlighting the uniqueness of each piece and celebrating the human process that went into creating it.

 James Goleszewski has developed unique methods that allow him to use a sculptural surface texture to help reveal the form and composition of the painting. Using a combination of traditional technique and technical innovation to produce a unique multi-dimensional image.  The Texture instantly establishes that the piece is not a print of any kind, the hand and spirit of the artist is plainly visible.  On some, the effect is very subtle; on others the sculptural component is quite bold.  The method I use are carefully researched to ensure the longevity of the painting.

 For James, he aims to make his paintings to have a long term connection with the viewer. "For art to have value, it must add to the life experience of the viewer.  It is not enough for the work to be pleasing to the eye, it must touch the mind and spirit as well.  A work of art needs more than good technique and archival materials if it is going to make a connection with the viewer.  A good painting must have a spirit of its own, an impact that goes beyond that which can be explained by the arrangement of daubs of paint.  This is something more" comes from the spirit of the artist and is what separates the artist from the craftsman, and what connects the artist to the viewer.