Guinotte Wise



Guinotte Wise

Works mainly in steel and weldable materials and most everything happens in the process; by that he means "I usually don't have a rigid direction. I get so interested in what happens when the material meets other material, new vs. old, or some other disparity, that I allow them to make something surprising. I don't mean to be enigmatic when I say the steel tells me what to do. It really does in most cases. I also like things that seem to have tension."  For Wise the concept for each piece develops in the process and determines the composition of each sculpture. Aided by a certain design sense he has honed from years as an art director in advertising. Working from his sizable junkyard, often an oddly bent rail or a rusty transmission part beckons and helps a piece on the way. In the case of representational work, the materials work in tandem with the source of inspiration during the creative process.  
Much of the process is also guided by the ability to combine elements in only certain ways. Guinotte explains, "If I can't weld it I bolt it. If I can't bolt it, I "trap" it somehow, as in the use of glass or other difficult materials that find their way into the pieces. Mainly I use a welder, grinder and a plasma cutter. Sometime an eight pound maul hammer, or I shape things by running over them with my truck."


2004, First Friday Event,

2005, First Friday Event, Gallery #8, Crossroads, Kansas City, MO

2005, First Friday Event, Hilliard Gallery

2005 Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens Sculpture Exhibit--two
pieces accepted in that exhibit, one of which received a Juror's Award (one
of two given).

2006 VML Open House: Exhibited 12 sculptures for one month.

2006, Recent Reclamations, Hilliard Gallery, May 5th.

2006 Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens Sculpture Exhibit--three
pieces accepted. One Juror's Award (of two given).

2007, May 4th, First Friday, Hilliard Gallery

2007, Kansas Masters Invitational, two pieces accepted

2007, Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens Sculpture Exhibit, two pieces accepted

2007 5-person show at The Barbershop Gallery, KC MO, Aug. 31, benefits Head for the Cure

2008 Solo show, The Hilliard Gallery, KC MO, May, First Friday

2008, Two-person show, Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Manhattan, KS, Oct.3 – Nov.15, G. Wise,
Steel & Bronze, Phyllis Pease, Iconic Paintings

2009 Solo Show, The Hilliard Gallery, Kansas City, May 1 - May 31, First Friday

2009 Overland Park (KS) Arboretum Invitational 2009 Sculpture Exhibition May through October

2010 Also: Welded steel bowl for Hunger Bowl show in Laguna Beach, CA

2010 Solo Show, "Ray Guns in the Time of Jules Verne" Hilliard gallery May-June

2011 Kansas Regionalists, Strecker Nelson Gallery, Manhattan KS

2011 Solo Show, “Weird Toys of Yore” Hilliard Gallery, May-June

2011 Kansas Masters, Pieces: “Do Not Inhibit” and “Good Day Hunting”

2011 Arboretum Invitational, Overland Park KS, “Buffalo Bill Is Dead”

2012 May-June Hilliard Gallery, "Missiles & Mugs" in conjunction with Diana Huff's Toulouse-Lautrec/May Belfort letters.

2012, Oct, Love Rust show at Trap Gallery with notables Ann Reckling, STRETCH, etc


Diastole, Kansas City MO Outdoor piece: Diastolic Cubes in Ascension
MMG Worldwide, Kansas City MO, Parking Entrance Enhancement
Mr & Mrs TC Ligibel, Fort Myers FL, Wall Hanging
Ms. Carol Richardson, Leawood KS, “Kind-eyed Colt” (companion to horse done previously)
Bank of the Prairie, Olathe KS, Workhorse of the Great Plains, lifesize draft horse
MMG Worldwide, Kansas City, MO, Techno Scarecrow
Frontier Wealth Management, Kansas City, MO, Lobby sculpture "Investments"
"Time Ball" for Hilton Residence Inn, Olathe, KS, Heart of America Group