Entry Huellas Y Arenas

Entry Huellas Y Arenas (Hoofprints in the Sand)

photographs from Peru

by Sandra Cannock Grana and Alejadra Iturrizoga

Location: Hilliard Gallery 1820 McGee St. Kansas City, Mo 64108
Show Dates: First Friday September 6th , Opening Reception from 6-10pm
and Runs through September 28th
The Hilliard Gallery, in the crossroads art district, Kansas City, Mo.
Contact; Bob Swearengin
Gallery Hours T-F 10-5, Sat 12-4

Entre huellas y arenas — translating to “hoofprints in the sand” — is a collection of 37 bold photographs exploring the magnificence of Peru’s horses opening at Hilliard Gallery on Friday,September 6th.
            The exhibition, presented by the Hilliard Gallery and the Norman arts Council of Oklahoma features the work of two Peruvian artists: Sandra Cannock Graña and Alejandra Iturrizaga. The Peruvian Paso and Arabian horse breeds are highlighted, each photograph exposing the features and differences between the two.
The Norman Arts Council worked with Mocy Munoz (of Mocy Productions) and Honorary Consulate of Peru in the State of Oklahoma Enrique Villar Gambetta to arrange the exhibit’s debut in Oklahoma, which aims to travel across the country in hopes of promoting the cultural values of Peru.
            Accompanying the show is the publication of a hardcover book — featuring the photos on display — that will be available for sale at the Hilliard Gallery

To write about Entre huellas y arenas (Hoofprints in the sand) is to talk about the dedication and effort of MOCY PRODUCCIONES EIRL and its hassles in ANDARES to promote the Peruvian Paso Horse through Peruvian deserts and paths yet un-walked.
  Showing the paths of Peruvian Horse breeders, the ANDARES Exhibition visited Lima, Peru and Trujillo, Peru portraying through its pieces of art the memories of unknown travellers proud of their breed.  Aware of the pride of breeders in other countries, the ANDARES exhibit also travelled to Doha, in the Arab State of Qatar.
In those foreign lands, we saw their deserts and shared with them, through our pictures, the aroma of our valleys and sands on which the descendants of their horses now trot.
  Continuing with such inspirational experiences, ENCUENTROS (“Encounter”) took place amidst the Third ASPA Summit and now we have this great exhibition that started in Norman, Oklahoma and now at the Hilliard Gallery in Kansas City, encompassing 36 photos of Peruvian and Arab horses. The beauty of these horses was captured through the lenses of two Peruvian photographers, Alejandra Iturrizaga Andrich and Sandra Cannock Graña. We hope this exhibit shows the world our personal connection with the Peruvian Paso horse, the cultural heritage of Peru, and the distinctive expression of the Arab horse.
  The texts included in the accompanying cataloge were written by Mariano Cabrera Ganoza, an expert, lover, breeder, judge, authority in horse breeding, and promoter of the Peruvian horse breed.  We would like to thank him deeply for his contribution.
We would also like to express our gratitude to Consulate Enrique Villar in the Consulate in Oklahoma for sponsoring us and to acknowledge all those individuals and companies that have made this Great Exhibition and this unique edition possible.

The Exhibit:
Entre huellas y arenas is a showcase of 32 large format photographs of
the horses that have played a key role in the culture of Peru. Two young
Peruvian photographers, Alejandra Iturrizaga Andrich and Sandra
Cannock Grana, who are known as “amazons” or “horse women”
captured these stunning images. Alejandra’s work provides an intriguing,
close-up look at the Peruvian Paso Horse, while Sandra’s photos convey
the grace and strength of the Arabian breed. Through their eyes, we can
begin to understand how their country reveres these creatures.
The Artists:
Alejandra Iturrizaga Andrich
Alejandra is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in architecture at
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. Between 2009 and 2011, she
took photography classes, including black and white, digital, nude, and
food styling.
Her love for horses has captivated her since she was a little girl at the
house in Cieneguilla owned by her mother, a Peruvian Paso horse fan
and breeder. This experience drove her to join the group of Young
Female Riders (Amazona) of Peruvian Horses in 2005. In 2012, they won
1st place at the National Choreography Contest and represented Peru at
the “Fina Estampa” competition in Santiago, Chile.
The special connection she has with the Peruvian Paso horse and her
passion for photography allowed her to capture the beauty this horse
has to offer. She constantly strives to transmit their emotions and virtues
in her photographs, selecting some of them to share at this exhibition.
Alejandra Iturrizaga Andrich was born in Lima, Peru in 1991.
Sandra Cannock Graña
Sandra became involved in the equestrian world as a result of a very
serious illness. On her way to the hospital, she would pass by a field full
of horses and only the thought of riding and spending time with those
horses encouraged her, making her feel safe and at ease. Thus, when
she returned to Lima, she got her own horse and since she was 14 she
has been participating in top equestrian competitions.
Sandra finds that portraying and immortalizing horses through art is the
perfect symphony to grow and express the passion she feels for these
animals and, particularly, to display their stunning beauty.
From 2004 to 2011, she enrolled in a number of photography classes and
participated in plastic arts, sculpture, and painting workshops at Centro
de la Imagen. Presently, she is engaged in the sale of artistic
photography and decorative photographic work for corporations and
private homes. As a comprehensive decorator, she remains in touch
with the equestrian world at large, including every discipline and breed,
appreciating the art and beauty of these magnificent creatures. Sandra
Connock Graña was born in Lima, Peru in 1973.