Corey Shulda


The Structure series is an ongoing study of paintings that include buildings, infrastructure, overpasses and other structures in and around the West Bottoms; through geometric, abstract compositions.

Usually the inspiration of Corey Shulda's art leans toward the normal everyday sights/scenes that anyone can experience. Allowing viewers to connect with and understand the imagery and composition of his paintings … no matter how abstract they may appear.

Scouting the West Bottoms, KC, Corey has taken countless photos of most buildings, intersections, alleys, bridges, overpasses and other structures that had the look he was searching for: simple lines, interesting angles, repetition, etc. Color and composition were considered, which are important in how he constructs the images. Then he sketches and models the compositions by deconstructing the shapes and layers down to the most simplistic forms that he likes, that can still be believable.

There are painting possibilities everywhere. Corey attempts to catalog every scene that intrigues him. Visualize those scenes as compositions, in a combination of organic and geometric shapes and color patterns, and the West Bottoms has an abundance. 

While each painting is specific to a certain building or landscape; the building, company, current owner/tenant is not related to the finished art. These works are for composition only. Not an attempt to draw attention to them, or commercialize them.