Chuck Miller

Chuck Miller has created art for as long as he can remember. He has always been fascinated with the human form, and paints primarily nudes, he prefers to show the viewer more than is actually there. His work is about what is not seen rather than what is actually portrayed on the canvas. Once asked if he considers his work sexual or erotic he replied, "I grew up in a time that real women had curves. I don't subscribe to society's perception of what a woman has to be, but I do have a view on what I consider beautiful, classic, and strong," he reveals. "I want to portray the female form in a more classical and honest view, and not have it descended into what 'society' dictates as beautiful or perfect."
In Miller's paintings faces are often omitted, identities are concealed, but the precise, minute details of a person's stomach, back, and the rest of their body are always highlighted. Often working in close crops that focus on specific bodily sections, "Miller treats the bodies of his subjects with poise and respectful curiosity."  He is truly captivated by the complexities of flesh. Every imperfection of the body is captured in paint. His depictions of the human form are "authentic and matter-of-fact", hiding no rolls of flesh or stretch marks behind a well-timed swish of the brush.
"I have always been fascinated by how the human form can change so dramatically just through the simple act of movement. It is a totally different subject depending on if it's sitting, standing, under force, or at rest. That dynamic is what keeps Chuck Miller consistently engaged in the practice,"