12th Annual Contemporary Figurative Show




Show opens April 5th, 2019,  opening reception is 6-9pm
Hilliard Gallery 1820 McGee St
Kansas City, Mo 64108
Gallery Hours: Tues-Friday 10-5, Sat 12-4
and by appointment

Show runs through May 31st
CONTACT: Bob Swearengin



In Recent years there has been an increase in the creation and acceptance of figurative art and that includes, promisingly, the acceptance of such work in the high-end market. Throughout time the human figure has always been a common subject of the visual arts. The earliest depictions of the human body have been dated to be from 25,000 to 12,000 years ago.  Over the centuries, artists have drawn, painted and formed, the image of the human figure since these ancient times.  Artists from different cultures and time periods throughout history have depicted the human figure in many diverse ways.  But why do we think about and like the figurative form?  Art is a means of communicating human experiences, therefore the human figure is naturally depicted. The figurative form can be used as the ideal medium to convey a spectrum of ideas with which the viewer can resonate. The human figure has always been a common subject of visual art, "it forces the viewer to engage the artwork and enables the artist to express an entire range of ideas from the subtle to the intense". In the history of art the human figure bears, in different ways and through different periods in time, a huge significance, being the most direct means by which art can address the human condition.
 The art on display in the Hilliard Gallery’s 12th Annual Contemporary Figurative show has been selected and grouped together, by artists working in today's climate of society.  The artwork in this show consists of enormous diversity in materials, techniques, beliefs, and notions of beauty. The artists that created these objects have used a variety of techniques and mediums.  Some appear realistic in execution and others stylized or abstract. Comparing objects that have been made by different artists of the same culture can reveal how figurative art often reflects cultural influences.
 The human body has always been an inspiration. It has become one of the highest forms of fine art to be made, studied, remade and restudied. The human form is “unceasingly beautiful”, complex in form and shape, and undeniably remarkable. It is one of the very few things that all of us have in common.  

The Following is a List of participating artist in this years show

Ryan Delgado
Carole Belliveau
David Marcet
Suzanne Storer
Courtney Kenny
Tamae Frame
Rosanna Lyons
Anita Dewitt
Jennifer Hudson
Carolyn Mimbs
John Whytock
Jacky Garlock
Tarin Eicher
Kevin Perkins
Brent Watkinson
Glenn Lavezzzi
Sabine Calrson
Alexander Volkov
Marjorie Atwood
Victor Wang

Shannon Hanson
Jason Truman
Jeff Foster
Benjamin Parks
William Thomas Guilfoyle
Cynthia Siegel
Katharene DeLorenzo
TJ Templeton
Jeff Wack
Susan Kiefer
R. Scott Anderson
Tony Armendariz
Jason Lincoln Jeffers
Linda Lewis
Zoe Green
Benjamin Sepulveda
Teresa Magel
Eric Wallis
Michelle DeMars
Jim Norris



"Finding artistic and beauty in the human form is only natural" 

This show will showcase some of the best work from artist, doing just that.